High-Intensity Weight Training Is Safe and Effective in Osteoporosis

The advice typically given for the elderly population and those with osteoporosis (thinning of bones) is to avoid a weight workout and do more cardio workouts. This recommendation has shown that it does not increase bone density. This current research reports loaded exercise improves bone density and is safe. The lifting program needs to be closely supervised by certified personnel and was done twice a week. Movements included dead-lifts, back squats, and overhead presses. They were gradually progressed over a few months. The results are impressive. They not only increased their bone density but also had better functional performance outcomes and increases in height.

Senior author Belinda R Beck, PhD, director of the Bone Clinic, in Queensland, Australia said “The reality is, if you want to grow bone, this is the form of exercise you need to do. Doing a more conservative form of exercise so you can roll it out for unsupervised exercise training might be great for the heart, but it will not improve bone.”

Find someone who can watch you do these lifts and start gradually. Most patients need direct supervision. Dr. Beck states “This is not a program to simply be handed to a person with osteoporosis and told to go to a gym.”

Get up and get moving!!

Dr. Gary Olsen is a strength and conditioning coach at Pioneer Comprehensive Medical. He can create a workout program tailored to your specific needs and train you on the proper form and technique.

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