March 28, 2016

BIA Testing and Analysis (Bioimpedance Analysis)


BIA (Bioimpedance analysis) testing, is an accurate method of measuring body fat percentage (how much of you is fat), lean body mass (how much of you is muscle), how hydrated you are (total body water percentage), how hydrated your cells are (inside and outside your cells) and rates phase angle (phase angle numbers range 3-12, the higher the number, the healthier your cell membranes are). All of this information gives us important factors that reflect your over-all health and well-being.
BIA testing and analysis can be expensive. Specific training is required to interpret the data and BIA machines are costly. You’ll be happy to know we offer this to all the patients of Pioneer Comprehensive Medical for just $30! This includes a full analysis of the data and a First Line Therapy evaluation.

First Line Therapy is a program designed to give you a solid foundation and education on how to feed your body properly, to foster the best results for you. This program is about creating a long term lifestyle change. It encompasses; meal planning, recipes, exercise (cardio, strength/core training and stretching beginner to advanced), shopping, eating out, coaching/accountability, supplement planning and much more. Various options of first line therapy will be discussed after the data from the BIA test are reviewed. The cost is specific to how long of a program you choose. Short programs are extremely affordable and longer programs are well worth the value.

Plan on 35-45 minutes for the BIA/Analysis and the following guidelines should be followed:
1.Do not eat 4 hours prior to testing.
2.Do not exercise 12 hours prior to testing.
3.Do not consume alcohol 24 hours prior to testing.
4.Drink 24oz of water one hour prior to testing. (Be hydrated the day before and day of the test as well)
5.Do not drink caffeine the day of your test.
6.Do not wear pantyhose.

To schedule your BIA test and analysis contact Pioneer Comprehensive Medical at 801-576-1086. We look forward to assisting you to a healthier you!