January 27, 2017

Family Practice

Pioneer Comprehensive Medical Clinic is a family practice and much more. We focus on your specific problem and approach your treatment from a balance of nutrition, exercise, medications, and mental/emotional health. We believe that a balanced approach to health is best. We also believe health and well-being should be a way of life. Our purpose is to assist patients during times of illness to educate our patients about health promotion and disease prevention. We provide the most progressive, research driven, and functional medicine available. This entails a holistic approach to each person as an individual. A holistic approach means we take into account the emotional, mental and spiritual as well as the physical. It also means we are open to all proven forms of treatment. Although it may be semantics, we are not an alternative clinic and alternative medicine is a term often used by the uninformed to imply that it is unproven. This is untrue. Many so called alternative therapies have good research based outcomes. As we follow the research very closely, we keep up on which therapies may be best for each circumstance. Just because some of these therapies are not usually administered within the typical western-based medical model or covered by insurance does not mean they are ineffective. This cutting edge approach is referred to as functional medicine.