February 25, 2016


Chiropractic and Nutrition Services

Spinal Manipulation

$35/visit, $300 for 10 visits ($30/visit)

Stretching and flexibility – Look at which muscles are tight and need stretching and where joints are stiff and need mobilization.

Joint mobilization – Gentle hands on movement of the joints to help restore proper range of motion.

Joint manipulation – Increasing joint motion and mobility with a hands-on approach. This is typically felt and heard as a “popping” of the joints. This has been found to increase joint motion quickly and effectively, if you are a candidate for this type of treatment.

Strengthening – Most joint pain is due to weakness of the surrounding muscles or an imbalance of these muscles. Increase in strength is very easy to accomplish and the results are longer lasting for pain reduction.

Functional movement screening and treatment – Does your body move effectively and efficiently? Do your muscles activate at the correct time? Are your joints moving smoothly through their range of motion?

Balance and coordination – Certain exercises and movements help restore balance and coordination. This can help to avoid falls and worse injuries.

Additional Treatments

Laser treatment
2 free, $30/visit, $200 for 10 ($20/visit)
Low level laser therapy for pain control and improved healing.

Dry needling
Muscle knots and trigger points can cause chronic pain. These muscle bundles can become sensitive and contribute to general pain syndromes. Massage can break these up but they keep returning. Dry needling can break these knots more efficiently and longer lasting. The needle used is a very fine acupuncture needle and there is minimal discomfort.

Homeopathic muscle injections
Used for pain control and muscle tightness. Homeopathic preparations and vitamins like B12 can help with pain and inflammation with limited side effects. This is a great option if you want something other than a steroid injection.

Kinesio taping (K-taping)
This flexible tape and its application to the body can help reduce pain and inflammation and may help with activity and performance.

Decompression therapy for neck and back problems
$50/visit, $650 for 15 visits ($43/visit)
Help your spinal discs get more fluid back in and re-hydrate. As we age our discs lose water content and become thin. This can cause pain and changes to the bio-mechanics with movement. Decompression therapy helps to create a negative pressure in the discs to allow water and nutrition back into the disc. Injured discs or “slipped discs” can be very painful and cause other problems, including leg pain. With decompression this disc material can be brought back inside the disc and help it heal.

NAET – allergy elimination and desensitization
$60 first visit, $40 follow up visits
Some people’s bodies overreact to a food or airborne substance. Instead of taking antihistamines to reduce the symptoms, NAET helps the body recognize the offending food or substance as friendly and not overreact.

Custom orthotics
Getting the proper base for your body is a big part of reducing pain in the feet, knees, hips and back. These orthotics are custom made for your specific needs.

Nutritional counseling
What foods should you be eating that are the most beneficial for great health? Individualized programs that get you to your goal.