What is a Meyer’s Cocktail?

Overcoming chronic illnessesA Meyer’s cocktail is a conglomeration of essential vitamins namely all the B vitamins with the exception of B-12.  It has a large amount of vitamin C,  B-vitamins and Calcium and Magnesium in a ratio 1:1 basically.  It was created by a Dr. Meyer’s who in frustration of treating chronic patients could not seem to get them well.  He found incredible success with this cocktail in reversing chronic disease, MS, fibromyalgia, cancer and the like.

They are used for those individuals that need a boost to their immune system or a boost to their nutrition.

For those chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and or illness, it is a key to resolving those issues.  Many people do no absorb vitamins and or minerals well and this provides an opportunity to get those vitamins intravenously for immediate use.  For those with osteoporosis it is a life saver

Benefits:  Many people find increased energy, mood and vitality with the Meyer’s.

Risks:  There are risks anytime the venous system is punctured, like with a blood draw or with these cocktails.  That risk includes blood clots and infection at the site.  Please watch for redness, inflammation or heat at the site of the infusion.  Call immediately if you have these reactions.

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