April 1, 2017

Our Team

Dr. Jarrod BagleyJarrod C. Bagley, FNP

Jarrod C. Bagley has worked as a family nurse practitioner (FNP) and practiced functional medicine for over 15 years. After graduating from BYU, he spent five years in the ER before opening PCM. Patients leave Bagley’s office with a more balanced approach to treatment, resulting in long-term solutions and an improved quality of life. When he’s not diagnosing symptoms, he can be found hunting, fishing or Crossfitting with his family and friends.


Dr. LeeAnn KlemetsonLeeAnn Klemetson, FNP

After years in the nursing field and raising a family, LeeAnn Klemetson returned to school and received her FNP degree. Overcoming chronic fatigue herself, she developed a strong desire to identify and fix health problems. At PCM, she brings genuine, personal care to her patients. She is a loving grandma to seven grandchildren and enjoys reading, hiking and quilting, along with volunteering at the United Way Free Clinic.


Dr. Brittney AndersonBrittney Anderson, FNP

Brittney Anderson practices western medicine with a distinctive holistic approach to treatment. Teaming up with her patients, she works through each symptom to find and treat the underlying cause. Anderson attended Idaho State University and Westminster College, ultimately leading her to PCM as a family nurse practitioner. She also practices home health care and treats patients at assisted living facilities. She enjoys running, playing games, travelling and spending time with loved ones.


Dr. Gary OlsenDr. Gary D. Olsen, DC CSCS

Using gentle spinal manipulation, rehabilitation and nutrition, Dr. Gary D. Olsen has cared for thousands of patients through his over 25 years of practice. As a strength and conditioning coach he instructs patients on simple exercises to maintain strength and coordination. He received his education from Ricks College, Brigham Young University and Western States Chiropractic College, working as a Chiropractor and Rehabilitation Director before opening PCM. In his spare time, he is camping, hunting, or playing with his grandkids.